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Theories for Chemical and Biological Events

Life Elixir LLC

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We are one of the first simulation companies based on molecular interactions and machine learning techniques. We are located in Orange County CA in the neighborhood of
Irvine Spectrum business center, pharmaceutical and medical device companies where the need for drug formulation and optimum performance is a high demand.
We will have local hands-on instructions and workshops in Southern California area soon. Please check the website for updated information.
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Fast Data for Chemistry and Biology

Theory of Everything

Big data play an important factor in our modeling and simulation technique which originates from highly accurate experimental and simulation data available in the scientific community. Our goal is to provide customers with the fastest and yet most accurate data where experimental methods are expensive, not available, or not practical.
We highly suport a universal theoretical approach suitable to discribe all physical and chemical features which inherits both simplicity and precision from the very original creative idea which led into the beyong equilibrium thermodynamic model proposed for all immaginable events occuring in our nature and in the synthesized material.