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Life Elixir is Proud to Deliver Great Results

The world of consulting is changing at a rapid pace. It’s becoming more personal, more 
interactive, and focusing on more storytelling and less selling. Staying on top of these trends and practices is tough. It seems that just as one emerges, the next one is already on the horizon. However, there is no need for you to worry, let alone think, about that because that’s exactly why we’re here. We’ll handle all of that and you can rest easy knowing you’re only receiving the latest and best practices that are sure to move your business forward.

For five years now, we’ve been addressing the problem of inefficiency of generating insights from big data projects. We’ve been tackling this through two solutions: implementing smaller data sets equipped with agile hypothesis-based approaches while combining the most advanced technology with our quantum computing.

We’ve truly established ourselves as a leading agency when it comes to being business and big data consultants. Our team members have been performing consulting projects in finance, medical imaging, and logistics, all while providing complimentary customer support.

We recently received two 5-star reviews from a dosimetry device company and a cold chain logistic solution company based in Irvine, California. For these projects, our partner tasked us to create a time series model that makes sense of the data they collect from real-time dosimeters. Also, we were asked to predict the failure of cryogenic carriers and their warming time duration along with predicting the Liquid Nitrogen Normal Evaporation Rate.

In this review, the co-founder of the company elaborated on the process. They shared, “We provided Life Elixir with sample readings from our tools. They created a mathematical model and analyzed time series based on the readings. Their team fortified the model in Python to plug into our draft platform. Essentially, they created an AI software to implement in their model given our data and provide a score.”

As a result of our work, the solution is both functional and reliable. What’s more, it’s useful in third-party testing and provides a scoring system that is an integral need of our partner’s market.